Girl playing with her dog that is using an Invisible Fence.

Reasons to Get an Underground Fence

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably considered investing in an underground fence for your yard. There are certainly advantages to having an invisible fence on the property, but you may be wondering if it’s worth the investment. Below, consider some of the top reasons to get an underground fence for your yard.

To Protect Your Dog

Most people would probably agree that their dog is a part of the family, so protecting them from danger when outdoors is likely a priority. If you have a pool on your property, or there are toxic plants in your garden, your dog could be in danger when outside. If you turn your eyes away, they may fall in the pool or begin feasting on something they shouldn’t eat. An invisible fence allows you to block off certain areas that may be dangerous for your dog, so you can have peace of mind when they are outside without you.

Giving Your Pet the Freedom to Run

Dogs need physical exercise for good health and behavior, but it can sometimes be challenging to get them outside for a daily walk. If you find that you are often tying your dog up on a lead so they can get some time outside, an underground fence may make more sense for you. Having an invisible fence in your yard allows your dog to run free outside, without being restricted by a leash.

Saving Time for You

We all lead busy lives, and caring for a dog can be time-consuming. You may find yourself putting your dog on a leash and walking them around the yard several times per day so they can relieve their bladders, but an underground fence offers an alternative. You can simply open the door and send your dog outside for a few minutes, while you go about your business inside without having to worry that your furry friend will run off.

It’s Unobtrusive

Sometimes, even the most carefully constructed fence isn’t particularly attractive, and can take away from the appearance of your yard. A fence may even disturb your neighbors if it encroaches upon their property line, or it could be a violation of community rules in some neighborhoods. This is why an underground fence is so ideal; it provides your dog with protection without adding a visible structure to the property. With an invisible fence, you can add a boundary to your yard without anyone even knowing it’s there.

Training Opportunity for Your Dog

While an underground fence does alert your dog with a mild stimulus or an audio warning when they are approaching the boundaries of the invisible fence, dogs do have to be trained to understand how the fence works. For instance, you will need to walk your dog around the property and give them verbal commands to avoid the boundaries of the fence. This gives you an opportunity to train your dog and establish yourself as the leader of the pack.

The bottom line is that an underground fence offers many benefits for you and your dog. You may be worried about the cost of installing such a fence, but the reality is that the peace of mind that comes with having a property that is safe and healthy for your pet is invaluable.