Dog Fence Systems

Dogs are known to be curious pets. Our precious pups also love to explore and wander — sometimes into places that present danger for them. At Freedom Dog Fence, helping you protect your pet is more than our business — it’s our passion. We understand that pets are family, and all of our products are designed to meet the important task of protecting your pets.

Our dog fence systems, extra collars, batteries and battery pack backup systems (see below) all play vital roles in helping you protect your beloved pets. We’ll set up a perimeter to prevent your dog from venturing into the street, a pool, or even a flower bed or garden where there may be poisonous plants. An extra collar, replacement batteries and battery pack backup will ensure your pet is never without the protection provided by your invisible dog fence.

Every new scent in the neighborhood and each passerby is a temptation for your curious canine to go roaming. But for safety purposes, there really is no place like home for your dog. Freedom Dog Fence is proud to offer these products that will help provide protection:

Freedom Dog Fence DF-1000

The E-Collar Technologies team has been keeping dogs safer for longer than any other fencing company. The team includes some of the founders of the Invisible Fence® brand in 1976. The most experienced engineering team in the industry has introduced the most significant innovation in dog fence kits since 2003. Trust your dog’s safety to the founders of the invisible dog fence industry. The DF-1000 kit provides professional-grade design features in one complete package.


Freedom Dog Fence Additional Rechargeable Collar

Purchase an additional Freedom Dog Fence brand dog fence collar receiver to add to any Freedom Dog Fence brand dog fence. This collar could be used as a replacement for a lost receiver or to add a dog to your system. Our collars are rechargeable, so you don’t have to replace them with expensive batteries.


Perimeter® Brand Replacement Battery

Replacement battery for Comfort Contact® Pet Fencing collar.


Battery Pack Backup

When the power goes out, your Freedom Dog Fence system stays on. Our battery backup system will automatically detect when your power goes out for any reason. It will keep your system on and, most important, will keep your pet safe in your yard for up to 8 hours!