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A happy dog playing freely in a Greensboro yard, thanks to an Invisible Fence system.

Freedom Dog Fence Edge to Edge Technology Product Description

Ensure your pets stay secure within your yard while enjoying more freedom. For those pets prone to testing their limits, Edge to Edge technology provides an innovative correction-free return feature, guaranteeing your pets never get stuck outside of the fence.

This underground fence is suitable for yards of all sizes. Even for smaller yards, Edge to Edge Wired offers an average of 30% more yard space, making it an ideal choice for compact spaces or uniquely shaped lots.

What sets Edge to Edge technology apart is its exclusive correction-free return system. Unlike other electric dog fences that can confuse your pet with corrections when they attempt to re-enter, our system ensures a seamless return without any mixed signals. Your pet can confidently come back home.

Safety is our top priority. In addition to allowing pets that test their boundaries to return, Edge to Edge technology boasts patented technology that actively prevents escape in the first place. By creating a boundary based on time rather than distance, your pet cannot simply run through it. This consistent reinforcement of their training encourages them to stay close to home, making it the safest electric dog fence solution available.

Freedom Dog Fence Basic Technology

A tranquil Raleigh neighborhood with an Edge to Edge Technology system discreetly safeguarding pets.

Product Description:

Wire Break Detector: Freedom Dog Fence brand dog fence systems feature the ability of the state-of-the-art transmitter to monitor wire input and output automatically. Should you experience a catastrophic event resulting in total wire failure your system will give you a constant audible indication of the breach.

Polycarbonate Collar Receivers: Polycarbonate plastic is a lightweight, high-performance plastic that possesses a unique balance of toughness and dimensional stability. Freedom Dog Fence brand dog fence collars use poly-carbonate plastic to make them resistant to damage from dog chews. Poly-carbonate is frequently used in situations where safety and performance are a must such as external jet aircraft parts, the space shuttle, and many military applications.

A professional technician installing an Invisible Fence system in a Charlotte backyard.

Waterproof Collar Receivers: The craftsmanship that goes into every Freedom Dog Fence is so good they offer the only battery-replaceable waterproof collar receiver on the market. Freedom Dog Fence brand receivers will continue to function without issue when completely submerged in water. Safe for a pool, or pond, or lake.

Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery Technology: Lithium Ion technology offers three times the gravimetric density of nickel metal hydride technology which provides lighter batteries with increased run times. Replacing batteries not only provides the ability to instantly renew the collars power supply should you forget to recharge it also provides a consistent duration for battery life as opposed to the diminishing lifespan of a rechargeable cell.

Digital Frequency Encoding: Eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems as well as other signal generating devices. In addition to the encoding the Freedom Dog Fence brand pet fences operates on a 7 KHz frequency which in and of itself provides less frequency interference than other dog fence systems operating on more widely used bands.

Omni Directional Signal Detection: Many containment systems only detect signals coming in from one or two directions with one or two internal antennas. Freedom Dog Fence brand dog fence systems offer the safety and peace of mind of three internal antennas detecting the boundary signal on three separate planes to provide the most effective signal detection available.

A joyful dog enjoying freedom within a Greensboro yard, protected by an Invisible Fence system.

Progressive Correction w/Run Through Prevention: Freedom Dog Fence brand dog fence systems offer progressive correction which measures time and distance from the collar to the boundary wire. This feature allows the computer collar to know not only how far away it is from the boundary wire but how fast the collar, and subsequently the dog, is traveling. In a fraction of a second the collar can make the necessary adjustments in correction intensity to ensure your dog stays safe at home.

Auto Safety Shut-off: Freedom Dog Fence brand dog fence systems feature a built in safety mechanism to automatically shut off after 10 seconds of correction for 10 seconds of relaxation. If the dog chooses to remain in the containment field, the 10 seconds on and the 10 seconds off cycle will repeat for 4 repetitions. After the fourth cycle, the collar receiver will no longer stimulate until the dog returns to the safe area.

Custom Correction Programming: Thirty programming options are available for each dog on the system. You may have a small timid dog which requires far less correction than your other large “bull-headed” dog. Freedom Dog Fence brand dog fence systems give you the ability to custom program each receiver to match the dog’s temperament. Should your dog fence administer the same correction to your timid dog just to keep a stronger willed dog in the yard? That doesn’t sound safe or humane?

Freedom Dog Fence products are designed and assembled in the USA. Freedom Dog Fence is proud of our heritage as some of the original dog fence industry founders as well as our future as a domestic manufacturer of premium dog fence safety products.

Freedom Dog Fence Wireless Outdoor Barrier

A serene Raleigh neighborhood with Invisible Fence systems discreetly safeguarding pets.

The Freedom Dog Fence Wireless Outdoor Pet Barrier is your answer to creating a dog-friendly yard while maintaining its beauty and functionality.

Enhance Your Yard for Your Furry Friend You cherish your pet, and you take pride in your lovely yard. The Freedom Dog Fence Wireless Outdoor Pet Barrier helps ensure that your cat or dog doesn't disrupt your landscaping or get into outdoor trouble spots, such as garbage cans, pools, grills, and fire pits.

Customizable Signal Field With the Freedom Dog Fence Wireless Outdoor Pet Barrier, you have the flexibility to establish a circular signal field of up to 12 feet in diameter. This capability allows you to set both small and large boundaries within your yard, tailored to your pet's needs.

Seamless Integration with Your Outdoor Space The Freedom Dog Fence Wireless Outdoor Pet Barrier seamlessly blends into your outdoor environment, preserving the aesthetics of your landscaping. It enables you to keep your pets away from flowerbeds and other sensitive areas without disrupting your scenic view.

Compatibility: The Freedom Dog Fence Wireless Outdoor Pet Barrier is fully compatible with our Edge to Edge Technology.

Choose the Freedom Dog Fence Wireless Outdoor Pet Barrier to create a harmonious space where your pet can enjoy the outdoors while respecting the beauty and functionality of your yard.

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