Invisible Dog Fence Review: Pros & Cons

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Invisible Dog Fence Review: Pros & Cons

If you have a dog in the home, it’s no doubt that you want to keep your furry friend as safe and as happy as possible. After all, our dogs become part of the family, and we only want the best for them. As a responsible dog owner, you may be considering getting an invisible fence for your property. Before making the investment, you likely want to assess the pros and cons of invisible fences to determine if purchasing one is the right choice for your family. Consider the invisible dog fence review below for some tips.

Pros of an Invisible Dog Fence

There are numerous advantages to investing in an invisible fence for your dog:

  • It’s less obtrusive than a physical fence. With invisible fences, there is no need to have a physical structure added to your property. This means you don’t have to maintain a wooden or plastic fence that can deteriorate over time. You also won’t have to make changes to your landscaping to install an invisible dog fence. Finally, if you live in a city or a development that has banned fences, an invisible fence is still an option.
  • Freedom and exercise for your dog. Dogs need physical activity to be healthy, and an invisible fence gives them an opportunity to exercise freely, as they won’t need to be confined to the area they can roam while on a chain.
  • Increased safety. An invisible fence prevents your dog from leaving the property and being in danger from traffic or strangers. You can also structure an invisible fence to keep your dog away from other hazards, such as swimming pools or poisonous plants.
  • It saves you time. An invisible fence eliminates the need to take your dog for several walks per day, or to take your dog outside on a leash every time they have to empty their bladders. With an invisible dog fence, you can simply open the door and let your dog take care of business while you’re indoors working or tending to the house.
  • You’ll save money compared to a standard fence. Chain link and wooden fences can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you have a professional install them. On the other hand, you can install an invisible fence on your own for as little as $200 to $300.
  • An invisible fence gives you the opportunity to train your dog. While an invisible fence does deliver shocks if a dog crosses established boundaries, your canine will still need to be trained to use the fence, using verbal commands. This gives you an opportunity to establish yourself as the alpha in the relationship.

Some Potential Drawbacks

While there are certainly benefits associated with an invisible dog fence, it is also important to consider potential drawbacks. Some people may experience the following cons related to invisible dog fences:

  • Issues with shock levels. For some dogs who are particularly stubborn or strong, a mild shock level may not deter them from leaving the boundaries of the fence. You may have to increase the shock level or select an invisible fence that has multiple levels of shocks.
  • Installation time. If you choose to install the invisible fence on your own to save money, it may take some time. For instance, you may have to install the fence over the course of several days, or spend an entire weekend day installing it. You can avoid this time commitment by using a professional installation service, which will likely come with a fee.
  • The absence of a physical barrier may be problematic in some cases. While an invisible fence will serve to keep your furry friend on your property, the reality is that it won’t stop other animals from coming into the yard the way that a wooden or chain link fence can. Wild animals that pose a risk to your dog could find their way into your yard with an invisible fence.
  • The batteries do not last forever. You’ll need to check the batteries in your invisible fence, or you may find yourself in a situation where the batteries have run out of charge, and the fence no longer serves its purpose.

An invisible fence is not perfect, but it is a solution for keeping your dog on your property, and allowing them the freedom to roam. You are likely to find that this is a more affordable option than a wooden or chain link fence, and for many people, the pros of invisible dog fences outweigh the cons.

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