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A contented cat stays comfortably within the boundaries set by the Freedom Dog Fence Indoor Pet Barrier.

Freedom Dog Fence Indoor Pet Barrier

You can effectively pet-proof your home with the simple installation of our solution, without confining your furry friend to a crate. It's not just for dogs; it's also ideal for cats.

Perfect for Furniture, Carpets, and Room Segments Is your dog making the couch their new hangout spot? Does your cat see the kitchen counter as a launchpad? Freedom Dog Fence has you covered, ensuring your pets' safety and the protection of your home without compromising their freedom within your living space.

Secure Your Pets from Furniture, Electronics, and More Worried about your dog lounging where they shouldn't or your cat exploring countertops? With Freedom Dog Fence's Indoor Pet Barrier, you can establish an adjustable boundary—extending up to 12 feet in diameter—around areas you want to shield your pets from.

Customized Protection for All Your Pets Our indoor pet barrier can be tailored to suit each pet in your household, even including cats. This versatile solution seamlessly integrates with our Edge-to-Edge Wired Fence, offering a comprehensive home solution for all your beloved pets.

A contented pet staying safely within the boundaries set by the Freedom Dog Fence Indoor Pet Barrier.

Freedom Dog Fence Micro Pet Barrier

Experience all the protection and convenience of our larger indoor pet barrier solution but in a more compact form.

Perfect for Managing Smaller Areas Is your dog rummaging through the trash, or do you have a cat with a penchant for houseplants? The adjustable boundary, with a diameter of up to 3 feet, allows you to safeguard your pets from smaller items within your home.

Portable Protection for Active Pets Freedom Dog Fence Micro Indoor Pet Barrier is an excellent tool for training energetic dogs not to jump on guests at the front door. Measuring just 3 inches in size, it's incredibly portable, so you can keep it with you to prevent any unexpected doggie excitement.

A Complement to Your Freedom Dog Fence Edge to Edge Wired Solution Small enough to be moved around the house, Freedom Dog Fence Mirco Indoor Pet Barrier can help train enthusiastic dogs not to jump on family members or guests when they enter your home. Its compact 3-inch size allows for discreet placement in various areas.

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