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Underground Dog Fence Installation in the Greensboro, NC Area

Just 90 minutes from Raleigh and known for its outdoorsy amenities, Greensboro is a great place for dogs and other pets. If you’ve got a pet at home in Greensboro, you want to keep that pet safe and secure. That’s where an underground dog fence comes into play. At Freedom Dog Fence, we have the custom, quality fencing solutions you need to know your animals are safe. Whether you’re at work during the day or inside busy with other tasks, you want to be able to put your pets outside without worrying about what could happen. Freedom Dog Fence specializes in underground dog fence installation in Greensboro, NC. We can give you secure fencing that doesn’t detract from your curb appeal or beautiful views. Through our variety of products — from pet doors to a compatible collar — we make it possible to add value to your home, while honoring your Greensboro neighbors and protecting your pets. Talk to us to learn more about the freedom of knowing your pets are where they’re supposed to be: properly guarded and gated at home.


Our Product Features

Here in Greensboro and throughout North Carolina, we provide a variety of pet-protecting products to help pet owners like you. Whether you’re interested in a zero-boundary fence or a traditional fence, we provide:

  • Incomparable quality
  • Lifetime product warranties
  • Pet training
  • Underground dog fence installation in Greensboro, NC and beyond
  • A 100 percent containment guarantee

When you invest in one of our fences, you can rest easy that it will work. Your pets will stay within the fence boundaries. Plus, you’ll never need to worry about neighbors complaining or pets getting lost in the community again.

About Freedom Dog Fence

Officially founded in 2007, Freedom Dog Fence originally started as a pet store in the 1970s. Through decades of passion for the pet industry, it grew into today’s leading provider of quality pet fences in Greensboro and beyond. When you buy from us, you know you’re getting quality. What’s more, you enjoy a best-price guarantee on both our professional packages. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to get started on choosing and installing the best underground dog fence for your animals at home!


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