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Benefits Of Installing An Underground Dog Fence

Getting the right in-ground fence is important to your pet. Let us guide you to make the right decision. Here’s just a few examples……..

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Freedom Dog Fence offers the same quality dog fencing solutions, products, installation, service, training, warranty and guarantees as ALL of our competitors for LESS! Don’t over pay and claim your discount today!

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Skilled technicians installing a pet fence in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

#1 Fill out our form

Begin by completing our form, and we’ll promptly send you comprehensive package details via both text and email. Afterwards, our team is readily available to discuss your project and address any questions you may have.

Expert technicians installing a pet containment fence in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

#2 Evaluation & Installation

Now that you’ve received your complimentary estimate and are eager to proceed, our team will conduct a thorough property evaluation to determine the ideal solution. Rest assured, we’ll complete the installation of your customized fencing solution on the very same day.

Experienced technicians installing a pet fence in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

#3 Training

With your fence now securely in place, it’s time to embark on pet training! Our specialized program, Soft Strides, relies on positive reinforcement and is tailored to your pet’s needs. Upon successful completion, we proudly offer a 100% money-back containment guarantee.

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When pets are family, you want to keep them as safe as possible while letting them have the freedom to run in the yard. By enlisting our professional services, your pets become our family, too. All of our project coordinators have been highly trained in creating the perfect custom underground fencing solutions for your home.

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