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Dogs are known to be curious pets. Our precious pups also love to explore and wander — sometimes into places that present danger for them. At Freedom Dog Fence, helping you protect your pet is more than our business — it’s our passion. We understand that pets are family, and all of our products are designed to meet the important task of protecting your pets.

Our dog fence systems, extra collars, batteries and battery pack backup systems (see below) all play vital roles in helping you protect your beloved pets. We’ll set up a perimeter to prevent your dog from venturing into the street, a pool, or even a flower bed or garden where there may be poisonous plants. An extra collar, replacement batteries and battery pack backup will ensure your pet is never without the protection provided by your underground dog fence.

Every new scent in the neighborhood and each passerby is a temptation for your curious canine to go roaming. But for safety purposes, there really is no place like home for your dog. Freedom Dog Fence is proud to offer these products that will help provide protection:

A professional technician installing an Invisible Fence system in a Charlotte backyard.

Freedom Dog Fence Outdoor Solutions

At Freedom Dog Fence, we understand that every pet and every home is unique. That's why we offer a range of outdoor solutions designed to cater to your specific needs. Whether you're looking for advanced technology or a simple, effective solution, we have you covered. Let's explore our two primary outdoor solutions: Edge to Edge Technology and Basic.

A contented cat peacefully staying within the boundaries set by the Freedom Dog Fence Indoor Pet Barrier in a Greensboro home.

Freedom Dog Fence Indoor Solutions

Safeguarding Your Home and Pet

Ensuring your pet's safety inside your home while preserving the integrity of your living space is a top priority. The indoors may appear secure, but even the most contented pet can succumb to temptations, such as countertop exploration, rummaging through trash, or nibbling on furniture. That's why Freedom Dog Fence offers intelligent, user-friendly, and adaptable Indoor Solutions designed to protect both your beloved pet and your cherished home.

A contented dog confidently using the Freedom Dog Fence Electronic Pet Door.

Electronic Pet Doors

Experience the ultimate convenience and security with Freedom Dog Fence Electronic Pet Doors. Our state-of-the-art pet doors provide seamless access for your furry friend while keeping unwanted guests out. Say goodbye to constant door duty and give your pet the freedom they deserve.

Freedom Dog Fence in Charlotte, NC provides innovative pet containment solutions.

Freedom Dog Fence Online Store

Welcome to the Freedom Dog Fence Online Store, your one-stop destination for pet containment and pet safety solutions. Explore a wide range of innovative products, from advanced pet collars and accessories to indoor and outdoor pet barriers, all designed to provide unparalleled freedom and security for your furry companions. Shop with confidence and give your pets the best they deserve.

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