5 Absolutely Must Teach Tricks for Your Dog

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5 Absolutely Must Teach Tricks for Your Dog

5 Absolutely Must Teach Tricks for Your Dog

If, like most pet parents, your fur baby is your whole world – then he or she probably already knows all the usual dog tricks… If your pup has long since mastered sit, is the authority on lie down and can fetch with the best of them then it might be time to graduate onto a few more complex commands. We have sourced the five top tricks that you can teach your dog to make their routine that little bit more interesting!

Trick 1 – #TheSnootChallenge

This new trick is one of the more adorable trends to hit the internet. Arguably the best dog trick of 2018; the snoot challenge features your dog running across the room to push his nose through your encircled fingers. The best part? It’s really easy to teach!

Hold your hand flat with the palm facing upwards. Next, touch your index finger and your thumb together in a circle. Third, place a treat in your open palm. Your dog has to go through the circle to get the treat, so doing these three or four times will have them running through buildings to nuzzle you.

Trick 2 – “Bang and he’s Dead”

This dog trick sees your pooch fall to the ground as if shot when you make an imaginary gun with your fingers and shout “Bang!” or a comparable command. Get your dog’s attention and make the hand signal that you want it to learn, in this instance the mock gun. Next, use your command word. Third, physically move your dog into the play dead position and hold them there a second or two. Repeat the process a few times and you should be on to a winner…

Trick 3 – Arachno-Dog

This is a pro tip for anyone out there who has a dog and a fear of creepy crawlies. OK; so, it might not be viral video friendly, but it definitely helps those phobics out there. All you need to do is to teach your dog to kill bugs for you. This is perhaps the one situation when it is alright to teach your dog the ‘kill’ command…

Trick 4 – “Carry this, carry that”

Your dog is never happier than when you give them important jobs to do. With this trick you teach your dog to carry things for you.

Start small and preferably with two people – both of which are armed with treats. One person gives the dog an item and tells him/her to take it to the other person (dogs are better at names than you might think). When he successfully achieves this, you give him a treat. Afterwards, repetition and slowly increasing the item’s weight will help retain the skill.

Trick 5 – “Get the door for me”

Another thing your dog could be doing so that you don’t have to is closing doors behind themselves. Let’s face it, rising from your comfy spot ten times a night is annoying – so don’t.

Take a target open door and bring your dog alongside it. All you have to do now is get your dog onto its back legs and have it put a little weight on the door. Lots of rewarding praise and treats are the key to this one, the dog experiences a little fear when the door falls shut… however, as long as they have their beloved parent beside them they know they will be just fine!

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