As an underground dog fence company, our electric fencing systems use a single wire that is installed underground. Fence the perimeter of your entire property or fence a portion for your pets. We’ll design the fence to meet your specifications — including fencing around gardens, flower beds and pools so that your pets won’t be able to get into those areas.

Your dog will be safe from toxic plants, won’t be able to dig up your vegetables, and will be protected from the pool area. Older dogs and those with medical issues are particularly prone to drowning, especially at night. All dogs may be confused by the pool lights. Plus, if you have a dog that doesn’t know how to swim well, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your pet will not be able to get near the pool when installing an underground dog fence. Keeping your dog safe while letting it run in your yard allows you to relax or to enjoy time playing with your dog without a leash getting in the way.