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When pets are family, you want to keep them as safe as possible while letting them have the freedom to run in the yard. By enlisting our professional services, your pets become our family, too. All of our project coordinators have been highly trained in creating the perfect custom underground fencing solutions for your home.

Instead of looking at a fence, enjoy the beauty around you while keeping your pets corralled and safe. The single wire is placed underground, so you can see the view from your yard. You don’t need any unsightly fences that block scenic views to keep your pets in your yard. Let Freedom Dog Fence install an underground dog fence for you today.

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5-star rated invisible fence company in Charlotte, NC providing top-quality pet containment solutions.
5-star rated invisible fence company providing secure pet containment solutions in Raleigh, NC.
Premier invisible fence company offering trusted pet containment solutions in Greensboro, NC.

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We are a family owned and operated business. The Freedom Dog Fence mission has always been to take care of our customers

The underground electronic dog fence signal wire is buried around the perimeter of your yard and places where it’s not safe for your pet to roam…. (Read More)
Our dog fence systems, extra collars, batteries andbattery pack backup systems all play vital roles in helping you protect your beloved pets…. (Read More)
It will take about three weeks for you to completely trust your dog within the perimeter of your new underground fence…. (Read More)

Freedom Dog Fence System

As an underground dog fence company, our electric fencing systems use a single wire that is installed underground. Fence the perimeter of your entire property or fence a portion for your pets. We’ll design the fence to meet your specifications — including fencing around gardens, flower beds and pools so that your pets won’t be able to get into those areas.

Your dog will be safe from toxic plants, won’t be able to dig up your vegetables, and will
be protected from the pool area. Older dogs and those with medical issues are particularly prone to drowning, especially at night. All dogs may be confused by the pool lights. Plus, if you have a dog that doesn’t know how to swim well, you will be able to rest easy knowing that your pet will not be able to get near the pool when installing an underground dog fence. Keeping your dog safe while letting it run in your yard allows you to relax or to enjoy time playing with your dog without a leash getting in the way.

Who We Are

As a leading dog fence installation company, we understand that your pets are family and that should anything happen to them, it could be devastating. This is why our experienced staff will teach you how to use the fence so that your dog doesn't escape. When you know that your dog is protected while playing in the yard or on a larger piece of property, you are able to relax and enjoy time outside with your dog more often. What’s more, if you don't have time for a walk, the underground dog fence allows your dog to go in your yard and come back inside, quickly.

With the right training, you're on your way to worry-free pet ownership. Our effective installation is guaranteed because of the training we provide when installing the underground dog fence. Contact us to learn more and get started today!

Our Mission

We are a family-owned and -operated business. We started Freedom Dog Fence and our mission and goal has always stayed the same: take care of our customers with respect and integrity. And that means coming to you and your home to ensure your experience is custom tailored to your home and pet. We believe the best way to advertise is by word of mouth and a stellar reputation.

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